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Learning from the successes and failures of Goddard College throughout its history, we envision designing a new community-administered model of Goddard students, faculty, staff, and alumni as well as allies, friends, and those in solidarity with us to create a just and inclusive radical learning community for the 21st century and beyond.
We are a collaborative community working in concert to envision and construct the kind of learning and teaching environment that will have the most import in our challenging era.

As such, we will construct a framework to cooperatively run an affordable college for radical thinkers, artists, healers, teachers, and activists to colearn in a nurturing, supportive environment.

Saving what worked and replacing what went wrong in the Goddard College of the past, we will ensure openness, transparency, inclusiveness, equity, and justice in all the operations of the new college.

We will work towards paying college employees a better-than-living wage, and we will strive to make the education offered as inexpensive and attainable as possible by creative fundraising and outreach to our current constituencies and new partnerships that reflect our values as delineated herein.
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