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Our Mission


Remake Goddard, Inc. is formed to revitalize the radically inclusive learning community of Goddard College and to co-create an incubator for educational, life-changing experiments needed in the 21st century.

We hope you'll join us as we





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Progress Report:
Name Decided, Board Elected,
Status Filed, Teams Formed!

May has been a busy and productive month for our growing community!


At the weekly Saturday meeting on May 4, we agreed the best vehicle for steering our plans was a nonprofit (501c3) corporation. Such an entity allows us, among other benefits, to receive donations without the burden of taxation that are also tax-deductible for our donors. 

Another big accomplishment from that meeting is the selection of a name for our transition organization: Remake Goddard, Inc., which was the greatly favored name over several other worthy choices. Attendees also elected nine inaugural members to its board from our community of alumni, faculty, staff, students, and friends. 

On May 14 the board filed articles of incorporation, the first step toward becoming a 501c3 corporation.

We also formed two task teams, which are meeting weekly and would welcome new members: Fundraising/Communications (currently meeting together, but likely to break into two teams); and Legal. We've identified a critical need for another: Community Support. We hope that group can convene in a breakout room during the Saturday, May 18 meeting. 

Frequently Asked Questions

and Their Answers

(This is a living, breathing, changeable document; nothing is set in stone!)


Q: What are your goals?

A. They’re multifold. Among them:

a. Acquire and take over administration of the academic programs.

b. Collaboratively re-envision and transform the institution’s governance structure into a transparently,

inclusively, justly, and cooperatively run college, retaining much of the radical pedagogy of the former

Goddard College.

c. If possible, acquire the Plainfield campus and buildings, all of which need prodigious amounts of

expensive renovation work.

d. If it continues to seem a viable and desirable idea, partner with other institutions with similar missions to

reinvigorate their programs and ours, and perhaps “cross-pollinate” in various ways.

e. Hire excellent faculty and staff to carry on what we hope will be our legacy as eager co-learners and

venerable ancestors.

f. Attract students who wish to immerse themselves in anticolonial, antipatriarchal, antiracist, ecologically

sensitive, creative, intellectually rigorous, collaborative studies and activities.


Q. Why don't we just buy the campus?

A. For starters, we don’t have and couldn’t quickly fundraise enough money to (a) buy the campus; (b) buy

the academic programs; (c) repair and upgrade all the buildings, all of which have been badly neglected and

are in need of major restoration work; and (d) re-create the academic programs, reapply for accreditation

(which does not transfer automatically), wait for accreditation, and wait for the first cohorts of students to

apply and pay full tuition while hiring excellent, properly compensated faculty and staff. We are focused on

pedagogical priorities, because the one thing almost all Goddard students and alumni agree on is that the

learning/sharing/co-creating/self-directed experience is what makes Goddard unique and most beloved).

Q: What's happening with the library and archives?

A. The library staff are committed to ensuring that all materials are returned to any former students who

wish them to be returned. Remake Goddard considers the protection and safe rehousing of the entire library

collection including the archives to be an absolute necessity; we’re doing all we can to ensure that happens.

Q: Did you talk to Senator Sanders?

A. We have reached out and continue to reach out to all elected officials in the state as well as those who

represent Vermont in Washington for all assistance they can provide.

Q: Have we asked wealthy alumni for monetary support?

A. Not yet. If you are a wealthy graduate or friend, we would be more than happy to accept your generous

strings-free donation. Here’s the link to our donation page. All donations will be put toward our mission and

all expenditures will be made publicly available.

Q: How can I join a working group?

A. Write to to be plugged in.

Q: What is the difference between this and other groups?

A. Remake Goddard grew out of a group of faculty, staff, students, and alumni that formed when the

Goddard College Corporation announced it would be closing campus and has been meeting regularly ever

since. We ramped up activities when the entire college closure was announced and are working on multiple

fronts. We have nearly 200 active members who attend meetings and have joined task groups. We are not

in competition with anyone but focused on our goals.

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